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Our Science curriculum has been designed to equip our students with the knowledge, skills, behaviours and attributes to allow them to succeed in school and support them in their future beyond Buglawton Hall.


We offer two qualification pathways aimed at different learning styles and levels:-


1. Cambridge National Certificate in Science. This is a vocationally related qualification that takes an engaging, practical and inspiring approach to learning and assessment. It equips students with sound, specialist scientific knowledge and skills for everyday use. It challenges students through encouraging independence and creativity in addition to offering transferrable skills for future study or employment.


Students learn about the impact of science on our lives, how scientific ideas are developed and study some famous scientists. Students develop skills in analysing, interpreting and evaluating evidence.

Students are assessed on two internally marked (externally moderated) pieces of work and one externally set exam.

The level 1 Cambridge National Certificate is equivalent to one GCSE.


2. OCR Entry Level Science. This highly motivating qualification is exam free and is aimed at students for whom a GCSE may not be a realistic nor appropriate goal at the present time. It is taught and assessed in small units and gives students realistic targets and achievements. It also enables progression to GCSE and is very adaptable to the special requirements of individual students. The entry level qualifications are assessed with a combination of short end-of-unit tests and 'can-do' tasks which are internally marked and externally moderated.


Our 'hands on' approach to science at Buglawton Hall supports independent learning with an emphasis on practical work. It is a flexible, stimulating and creative environment for budding scientists.