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Key stages 3 and 4 have four lessons per week of maths. All students will be expected to aim for a GCSE pass with the AQA exam board in either years 10 or 11.


All students study a wide variety of mathematical disciplines including algebra, probability and geometry. Studying maths isn't confined to the classroom and books:


Students can visit a virtual classroom via Maths Watch outside normal study time to help with homework or extend understanding.


Students also have the opportunity to take part in a school fantasy football league, enabling them to practise data manipulation and understand statistics.


Some lessons make use of Buglawton Hall's grounds, weather permitting, allowing students to use maths for themselves in 'real life'.


Homework is set once a week as an extension to the class work, feedback, tips and targets are given back the same week. Students are encouraged to work together on units to complete homework tasks.


The department has been gearing up for the new GCSE specification, the first results with the new 1 - 9 will be released in 2017.


Our students have, historically, proved to be successful mathematicians and we now track student progress in a variety of ways at the end of each half term.  Students' learning over each lesson is also rated as emerging, proficient or secure against that lesson's objective.