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Buglawton Hall aims to provide students with the technological skills they will require for the future workplace. We offer a range of qualification pathways that are tailored to our students' abilities and aspirations:


  1. OCR Functional Skills in ICT at Entry level. This suite of qualifications aims to provide accreditation of acievements of a range of Information and Communication Technological skills in real life settings so that students can use ICT skills in a functional way throughout life. They allow for a flexible approach to the assessment, enabling us to adapt the structure to meet the needs of individual students. They also provide a progression route to achievement at higher levels.
  2. OCR Functional Skills in ICT, levels 1 & 2. These qualifications are an essential stepping stone towards demonstrating a higher level of functionality required for apprenticeships, employment or further education. They can also be used as a foundation for GCSEs. They are externally assessed by OCR-set and marked tests.

In addition to desktop PCs and laptops, Buglawton Hall has a bank of student dedicated iPads and iPad minis. These are used across the whole curriculum to develop skills in areas such as presentation, research, moviemaking and publishing.