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The Art department at Buglawton Hall School aims to give everyone the opportunity to achieve. It provides a visually stimulating environment in which students can be creative, reflective and expressive. Students are encouraged to use a wide variety of media and materials as well as trying different processes and techniques.


Knowledge and understanding are developed from a wide range of approaches to art and design. Students work with traditional and new media, developing confidence, competence, imagination and creativity. The thorough teaching of technique and an understandning of materials are vital elements of a student's preparation to make considered responses in all areas.


At key stage three students are given the opportunity to work with a variety of media, techniques and processes each year. This includes: painting and drawing, photography, sculpture, textiles and computer graphics.  Schemes of work studied: colour theory, Mexican day of the dead, trainer construction and insect/bug recycling project.                                          


Skateboard design, graffiti art, basic pottery and digital photography are also studied as part of the AQA Unit Award Scheme.


In Year 9 students work on fewer projects in order to develop their personal responses to ideas, observations, experiences, environments and cultures in practical, critical and contextual forms. This gives students a firm foundation for their GCSE work in Year 10, allowing them to build on their portfolio of work.


AQA is our chosen exam board; they offer a wide range of art specialisms as well as offering fantastic administrative support to help us ensure our students are given the best possible opportunity to succeed in their qualification. We now offer two courses at GCSE:


Art and Design, and

Photography: lens-based and Light-based.


Both are two year courses which run alonside eachother. We also offer a short course in Art and Design.


GCSE Art and Design is an open and enabling course which suits students who enjoy the freedom of working in many different media and devloping ideas using a wide variety of techiniques and processes.  GCSE Photography: Lens-based and Light-based Media focuses on digital photography and Adobe Photoshop manipulation. We offer a fine art and commercial approach to image making. This course encourages students to use imagination and creativity to record the world through a lens.

Both GCSEs comprise of two units. Unit 1, the coursework portfolio, is separated into two projects concentrating on different htemes. The development of these projects prepares students to explore their own ideas, themes and concepts towards a personal final response. Unit 2 is an externally set assignment and is given to students as an exam paper containing eight exciting starting points. Students choose one question and have eight weeks to research and develop their work. At the end of this eight week period, students have to produce a personal response under exam conditions over a ten hour period.


Key stage four projects include: Sea Life, Tattoo/Body Adornment, Fragments and Fantastic/Strange (some of which are past exam themes). Educational visits take the students to antiques and collectables centres, car show rooms, art galleries, tattoo parlours, aquariums, the Gaunlet Bird of Prey sanctuary, Congleton Park and recyling centres.


Examples of the different grades achieved by alumni are on display in the art classroom and around the school to help develop students' understanding of the quantity and quality of work expected of them. As a department, we continually achieve excellent GCSE results in both Art and Photography.